Northland ClutterFly, LLC
"Carol with Northland Clutterfly was simply the best! She came into our home and office and got right to work on going through the piles of stuff that had accumulated over the years. She was very respectful of personal items and when she came across things that were questionable to trash, donate, etc. she placed them in a separate area for me to go through at another time. She is a quick worker, pleasant and even made the process fun. It is amazing to me every time I walk into my house to see how organized it is! Thank you so much Carol!"

Liberty, MO
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Northland ClutterFly
Professional Organizing in Kansas City, MO Northland
"I needed help in getting rid of nearly 25 years worth of accumulation to be able to downsize to a smaller house. Northland Clutterfly came in and helped me decide how to figure out what I could reasonably keep and what needed to go. I was very apprehensive about getting rid of things I was attached to or thought I had to keep because it was a gift from a friend or relative, but Carol was very patient and guided me through the process. I realize now that I held onto things unnecessarily for so many years. Now, if I don't love an item, it is easier for me to let it go. My move will be so much smoother now."
Sharon P.
Independence, MO