No more stalling. It's time to get organized!

Contact me to discuss what is bugging you most.


I will organize any room in the house.

I can help you decide what to keep, toss, donate or sell. Together we will get your spaces looking great so you can relax in a clean, orderly environment!


Downsizing a senior citizen? Ask me about a discount for seniors 65 and over.


If you are a senior and need help with services that I donít provide, feel free to click on the link below.

Northland ClutterFly, LLC
I will work with your schedule. I work days, evenings, and weekends. No extra charge for evenings or weekends.
If you would like information about my process and/or my pricing, please give me a call at
Call: 816-510-7315
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Northland ClutterFly
Professional Organizing in Kansas City, MO Northland
Thank you so much!
Carol Henthorn